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We work with brands of all sizes who are looking for influencers to reach a broader group of consumers

Want to know how we can benefit your brand?
Amongst other things, we…

  • Write blog and social media content that is relevant to readers and has high engagement
  • Deliver consistently high-quality photography, great design and well-written content
  • Organise brand-sponsored blogger events to bring together the right brands with the right bloggers
  • Host customer-driven shopping experiences and events to offer expert style advice
  • Create lucrative social media campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Produce professional video content for YouTube or Facebook
  • Offer engaging, professional guest speaking on a variety of subjects
  • Promise never to buy fake followers – all are 100% organically-earned
  • Seek to constantly grow and improve all our platforms, regularly participating in professional courses
  • Network regularly with and invite guest influencers on relevant campaigns
  • Offer a liaison influencer between German and British markets and brands

Some of the brand campaigns we’ve worked on,
both individually and as a collective

Words and pictures

We combine our skills with words and pictures in our well established blogs and social media channels


We tell the stories of real women with independent voices to reach affluent over 40s who want to spend money on style

Focus on quality

We focus on quality and are extremely selective

The right brands

We bring the right brands to the women who want to know more